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Web & Mobile Development

We have efficient development team to work on best practices and modern technology.

  • We develop performance-based website
  • We implement our proven methodologies for all industries we are serving.
  • We have dedicated and specialized team of experts.

Responsive Website Development

We develop responsive websites that can perform smoothly on every platform that are tablets, desktops and Smartphone. We develop good professional websites with fabulous look and working.
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Mobile Web Development

A mobile-optimized website is much important for a successful business. We have an expert web development team for developing mobile website to keep your business running.
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Content Management System (CMS)

You should have the right Content Management System to ensure having user-friendly and up-to-date website. We specialize in several CMS platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Magento.
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Magento Development

Magento can deliver inventive controls to your ecommerce platform which is required to improve your experience while boosting the overall conversions for the business.
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Drupal Development

Flexibility is a major plus for Drupal. It gives much-needed managerial control to you to develop a website that is controllable and that can enhance user engagement with the brand.
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Wordpress Development

You can develop an all-inclusive unified digital platform where you can integrate your blog and website with Wordpress. All of your visitors can access industry updates, services and products at once.
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Joomla Development

The advanced features of Joomla can enable you to develop and personalize an amazing online platform with diverse range of options according to your business.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
We are here to answer you.

When it comes to prepare a web development project, lots of obstacles and doubts come along your way. This way, our consultants will always help you. Here are some of the questions answered by our experts:

How to Develop and Design My Own Website?

There are overwhelming ranges of choices when it comes to make your online business successful. Our experts are available to support you and suggest you the most cost-effective, ideal option to design and develop your business website with experience and knowledge of our team. With the support of our experts like developers, senior designers, marketing professionals, creative strategists and the rest of our IT staff, you will get a complete insight for your business to taste success.

How Can I Brand My Business?

Branding your business comprehensively is really important to attract your desired audience and also complex to implement. We implement our creative strategies to name, define and convey your brand in a unique way to communicate with desired demographic.

How to Boost Website Traffic and Market My Website?

According to the nature of business, there are different kinds of online marketing platforms to increase your website’s traffic effectively. Our business consultants are more focused on driving traffic to the website which can be engaging and yield more conversions and sales. We have experienced strategists and online marketing consultants to provide proper insight for your online success when it comes to work on your business strategy.

Consult me suitable Mobile Presence for my Business?

In the modern world, the use of mobile device keeps on increasing. Hence, it is very important to have great mobile presence which is very significant for your business. To deliver the best possible experience for both tablet and Smartphone users, it is really very important to have a mobile website, mobile app or a responsive website for your online business. When it comes to develop a mobile-friendly site, you may need to pay extra. But it may save you from loss of opportunity. It can accommodate mobile devices. Our experts are helpful to consult the best mobile format which is successful and affordable for the business.

Reasons behind Failure of Websites

In order to make your website successful, you first have to know few of the basic things about your sales strategy and target audience. You need to know about your ideal customer and what your visitor expects from your business. In both long and short term, you need to know the potential value of the buyers.
You need to answer these questions yourself. All of these questions will help you redefine the content, design and overall structure of the websites. These questions are mostly overlooked and improper inferences are being made due to dependence on assumptions and lack of information. Here’s why most of the websites are failed to attain their objectives.

Absence of Elements Required for Building Trust

If your website is failed to gain trust of your visitors as a reliable company, there are chances that they will not partner with you. Some of the common trust-building aspects are using original photographs, professional website design, off-site reviews and third party validation. Our online marketers and interface designers conduct several tests in order to figure out what works and what not, for trust-building aspects.

Message Not Matching with Expectations

There are times when your website has different message to convey than what your customers expect because of your advertising. Hence, your website may fail to meet the customers’ needs. It can cause low ROI and high bounce rates in a website which is well designed. This is the reason we are going to analyze the customer’s base and to understand the needs of customers better in order to design the best message and sales strategy for a business website.

Website development shortcomings

Sometimes, back-end website developers and front-end coders take shortcuts. Your businesses and website visitors are the ones who suffer the most from these mistakes. Some of the common problems are websites not supporting web browsers, slow load times, and broken pages. Such elements are the major turn-offs for the visitors. So, we implement our strict standards to make your website fast, reliable, compatible and Google-friendly.

If your website is affected by any of such problems, be sure to contact us now and get your website back to life.

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Step-by-Step Process of Mobile & Web Development


At Mazajnet, we implement holistic approach in web and mobile development. Along with creating good-looking website, we create something that really works. From the very beginning, we consider information architecture, content strategy, user pathways and the ways to market your website to the audience.


Step 1
Step 1
Step 2
Step 2
Step 3
Step 3
Step 4
Step 4
Step 5
Step 5
Step 6
Step 6
Step 7
Step 7
Step 8
Step 8

Corporate Analysis

We identify the areas for customer growth and sales process in order to leverage such information into user pathways and calls to action. With our deep understanding, we can develop website that really works for your business.

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