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About mazajnet

We’ve been around since 1998

continuing to provide 360 degree of online solution services from A to Z worldwide, serving many different segments in both sectors profit and non-profit. Building long-term relationship with key clients, we grow and evolve with our clients. What sets us apart from other online solution providers is our dedication to support and educate our clients through their online experience and journey.

Our greatest advantage


IS providing a professional, reliable high quality services approach & dependable support starting from the execution of website development, website designing, e-commerce solutions, application development, website management & maintenance, website and email hosting solutions, Search Engine Optimization, social media advertising and other online marketing services projects till the very end.


Our Vision

Our vision is to grow and expand as a leading web development company into a worldwide online solutions company

that leads the web development business in the Middle East while providing our clients with the best online solutions that ensures the growth and expansion of their online presence and success, achieving their business goals efficiently and effectively through:

  • Continuity in providing high quality online solutions.
  • Intensely focusing towards meetings customers’ requirements.
  • Delivering creative and innovative online services by a professional team of experts through ongoing communication, true devotion, commitment and dedication.

Our Mission

To provide high quality online services and support that will always exceed the expectations of our customers and delight them.

  • To build successful relationships with our clients and partners that is mutually beneficial.
  • To provide the client with an attractive design that will attract new visitors, enabling them to manage and publish website content in order to establish online presence.
  • To grow in website traffic though strategic marketing campaigns.
  • To maintain our team’s professional and personal skills.
  • To continually achieve 30% yearly sustainable growth.


Our Values

Our seven core effective values that form the DNA of our work which are internalized and practiced everyday:


Honesty & Integrity

Our aim is to grow through accountability for our actions and responsibility for our work, by being honest and keeping our promises we demonstrate our integrity and promote trust, eventually shaping who we are.

Respect & Equality

Believing that we are all connected inside/out, we appreciate the different backgrounds and experiences of our clients and employees, the diversity in our environment is our guiding force. We never discriminate; we always provide equal attention, care and treatment.

Excellence & Commitment

Promising our clients less but delivering more, we strive to delight, satisfy and exceed our clients expectations though our commitment to achieve and deliver consistent and constant results, and being aware to every detail is our journey of excellence .


Regardless of the size of the project or budget, we promise to treat your business as our own. Always prepared to travel the extra mile for our clients to help them gain a strategic advantage which adds value to their businesses.

Synergy & Teamwork

Similar values and objectives with supportive, collaborative and nurturing environment will always lead to inspired ideas, we encourage each team member to think, create and share together to combine all their strengths together into a versatile and unique solution.

Creativity & Innovation

By analyzing and researching first and through bringing innovation to the process of development we create the best solution that will help our clients stand out and to boost their productivity efficiently and effectively.


Showing sense of humor and keeping a positive atmosphere and environment will result and produce an extraordinary creativity, exceptional client service, and thriving business.

Our Drivers


Our seven key drivers are factors that have been important to our continued success and growth:



We aim to develop and sustain market leadership positions.


We focus on technology and innovation to provide the best online solutions.


Our team is trained and skillful to properly deliver projects worldwide.


We always deliver results on time, safely and on budget.


We encourage convenient business practices to achieve quality results consistently.


We engage in various markets to achieve flexibility against market fluidity.


Our global approach makes us especially positioned to serve global customers on a local foundation.


Our Strategy


It is in the DNA of MazajNet to deliver excellence, quality, responsiveness and reliability, through our strategy that seeks to reinforce our position as a leader in providing online solution by meeting the sector’s global demand in a responsible approach. Environmental, social and safety responsibility are at the core of our activities.



Placing the client at the heart of our company is key. We listen to them, share ideas, understand their needs and then consistently concentrate on delivering our promises.


is in our blood. We continually improve and create the right environment and the ability to change and adapt with pace and most importantly, we ensure that our innovation is suitable to our customers' needs.

Profitable Growth

We have to ensure that we are increasing our market share and growing profitably.

Our Philosophy


We simply believe that quality is the result of loving what we do as key ingredient with pure intention, wise execution and skillful effort, it makes us who we are and it shows in our passion for innovation and excellence in our long lasting relationships with our customers throughout our business.


Our Standards

We're committed to delivering exquisite customer service.



our goal is to answer all calls within 60 seconds, respond to all social media messages within one hour and to respond to email questions within one working day.


we process most of our web development projects within a week or two at most of receiving them. The other 20% are during the three days leading up to a deadline.


We monitor our servers and services regularly and inform our customers about any technical difficulties within few hours. Website hosted in our servers are available 24/7, apart from planned maintenance.

After Sales

we provide ongoing support to help our clients manage their websites more effectively and efficiently.


we are constantly interested in improving the way we serve our clients. If you have any suggestions on how we can serve you better, we are glad to hear from you.

mazajnet Amman


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Address : United Arab Emirates - Technohub 1, Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Campus - Silicon Oasis Near Axiom HQ, and RIT University - Dubai.








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