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Social Media Process

Our social media marketing process ensures that your business gets a social media marketing campaign specifically tailored to your business' goals.



Understand the business of the customers and objectives along with documentation procedure.

Project Brief

Information about the customers and the business goals have to be indentified in detail.

Audience Research

The ad tools go a long way in finding the right type of audience

Social Audit

Create parameters to evaluate the performance of the online campaign.

Competitive Analysis

Competitors and the keywords have to the identified in detail.

Social Media Integration

Targeting a brand audience through Social Media Marketing is of great advantage. A number of ways can be adopted to target a specific audience.

  • Twitter, Facebook, and several other websites can be used to share content and reach the desired audience.
  • Use Facebook Open Graph with your site accounts and login options with ease.
  • Use handy social media tools to make bookmarks for your website in few clicks.
  • Integrate facebook into your ecommerce website and make full use of social media advantages.

Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Social media has brought people close and they are actively engaged in discussions about different brands. A good social media campaign will give you outstanding results but to gain success one must not allow these common mistakes to happen. If you are successful in keeping these mistakes away, success is a must.

Social Media Integration

  • 1. Social media has provided people a platform to connect and hence provided you a place where they can talk about your brand and products.It has benefitted both user and seller as same platform is serving the both. To get maximum benefits out of social media one needs to keep in mind certain aspects. By avoiding few mistakes one can make use of social media in an effective way to promote and attract audience towards his ecommerce website.
  • 2. Ignoring It All Together Reaching audience through peraonal email has become outdated now and Social networking and blogging have taken the role of two mostly used online means to target desired audience. 67% of worldover internet users visit member communities and social media websites share 10% of total time consumed on internet. So everyday you are getting considerable people talking about your brand. Keep an eye on trending issues and try to incorporate them into your campaign to reach out maximum people.
  • 3. Assuming Social Media is A Cheap And Fast "Miracle Pill" Brand awareness, recall, more word of mouth, more business is what all enterpreneurs want and they want it be done quickly. You need to give time and be patient when marketing through social media. To gain maximum out of any social media campaign you need to give it due time, connect to new people, share your brand, build reputation and grow business.
  • 4. Assuming That Anyone Who Grew Up With The Internet is Capable of Devising, Executing, and Maintaining a Social Media Campaign Running a successful social media campaign is not everyone’s task, you need special skilled people to do so. It is they who know where to focus and target audience. It is not all about hitting the masses but is about connecting with right people. Even we are well conversant with the present digital world yet we cannot guaranttee running a successful social media campaign without help out of experts. Social media campaign is basically reaching the audience at places where they already reside like facebook, twitter, youtube etc.

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