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Facebook Advertising

You know your customers are using Facebook, but did you know that Facebook is now the most popular site on the web and has even surpassed Google.com in popularity? With over 800 million active users spending over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook and over 50% of these active users logging in daily, Facebook is the place to be to connect with potential customers.

Advertising on Facebook is a simple and inexpensive way to connect with a national audience or a small geographic region where you sell or provide services. With targeting by zip code, geographic region, age, gender, and interest available, your advertising program can be set up to maximize exposure and selling opportunities. With the ability to set your own click cost, daily spend as well as the fact you only pay when someone clicks your ad, even small budget advertisers can get big exposure using Facebook sponsored ads.

As pay per click professionals with Google and Bing, we've created a business-friendly Facebook advertising program that helps to get you started fast with minimal investment.

Facebook Advertising Account Set Up Services

For our typical advertising account set up, we will need access to your personal Facebook account. You will be asked to supply your credit card to us for set up or add it yourself into your Facebook profile. Facebook will bill your credit card for click charges on a weekly basis. Your advertising account is managed from a link in the footer of your personal Facebook profile called "Advertising".

If you feel uncomfortable allowing us access to your own Facebook page, as an alternative you can set up a new Facebook account for advertising use only and set this new profile up as an administrator of your Facebook Business Page. We can perform this alternative set up for you for an additional onetime $50 fee.

Facebook Advertising Account Set Up Only Program for $100 or $150 Alternative Set Up

Included in our set up service is the following:

Consult briefly with you to identify your selected service or products you would like to promote.

Create your account for advertising and install your credit card number in your personal Facebook account. 

Set up one campaign and select your targets for demographics and region based on our previous conversation on targeting.

Create two simple ad creatives linking to either your Facebook Business Page, a status update on your wall, a hidden Facebook page you have already set up in your profile such as a welcome page or to your a page on your website. 

We create two versions of the ad text with an ad title allowed a maximum of 25 characters and ad text body a maximum of 135 characters.

Please note Facebook only allows a 110 pixel wide by 80 pixel tall image with no animations or flash. As the image is so small, it is usually only a smiling person or image of your product. We do not overlay text messages on top of the image or create complex images at this time.

Due to the changes Facebook has made to their advertising program on 2/29/12 we may add additional service offerings in the near future.

Facebook Advertising Management Services

Even though the Facebook ad interface is easy to use, some clients prefer for an experienced pay per click advertising professional to manage their Facebook advertising program.

We have found that some clients want and need more communication with us about their program than others and so we have provided service level options based on your time needs or ad spend. Please note that we will contract for services at the higher level of service whether that is allotted time or ad spend.

LevelDescription of ServiceOur Monthly FeeTimeAd Spend
SilverEmail support only. Includes weekly ad creation and a monthly report of click activity.$1001.2 hours$250 to $350
GoldEmail support and mid-month brief conference call, weekly ad creation and performance review, and monthly report of click activity.$1602.0 hours$351 to 1,000

Please note our pricing does not include click charges. Facebook will bill you separately for click charges as they occur. We make no commission or profit on any click charges paid to Facebook.

At this time we do not manage Facebook advertising accounts with more than a $1,000 a month ad spend.

Please be aware that special ad graphic requests and additional ad versions may incur additional hourly time charges as will frequent phone communications. We do not supply custom designed graphics or text over laid graphics for ad creatives.

Our Recommendations to Get The Most Out of Facebook Advertising

  • Consider pointing your ad URL to a specially created page on your website. We may be able to help with this need at our hourly rate of $82 per hour. As Facebook has no conversion tracking module, a special landing page will provide a traffic metric to determine the success of your advertising program. Go one step further and add a contact form to the bottom of this special page with a tag line in the form so you can know that the lead was generated by Facebook.
  • Think about what you want your Facebook advertising program to do in advance. Do you want leads, brand name exposure, Business Page "likes"? Decide what you want and we'll work hard to create ad text that covers these needs.
  • Consider using a special phone number just for Facebook advertising. Use a Google Voice phone number posted on your Facebook landing page to track potential phone calls generated by your Facebook ads to have another way to measure your program's success.
  • If you link your Facebook ad to your Facebook Business Page, make sure you have great content added on a daily basis to provide value and to interact with the new visitors you receive.